Mastectomy or Breast Surgery: Is a Bra Still Necessary?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor of the mammary gland. It is the most common invasive cancer in women. If women with a high risk are diagnosed, it is imperative to undergo a mastectomy to treat this cancer, which involves opting for surgical intervention to completely remove a breast.

Sometimes, other tissues near the breast, such as lymph nodes, are also removed. The post-operative period is a very sensitive time for the woman, a psychologically difficult and complex phase in which she must show immense courage, patience, and perseverance. The surgery in question and the treatments related to it significantly weaken the skin and dull the chest.

Following a mastectomy, the question of lingerie arises. How can the woman who has undergone surgery feel like herself again, feminine, sensual, and attractive, and how can she reconcile with her body that has been battered by the disease?


A physical and mental battle for reconciliation?

After surgery, it is essential for women to wear suitable and appropriate lingerie for a few weeks due to increased breast sensitivity or painful scars from the operation. Breast cancer directly affects femininity and the way women perceive themselves.

The loss of one or both breasts not only results in physical consequences requiring materials and shapes that do not irritate the skin (the chest, mistreated by treatment, becomes hypersensitive), but it also leaves psychological consequences by depriving patients and fighters of one of the symbols of their femininity. In this relentless battle, reclaiming one's body also involves access to underwear adapted to this new morphology.

Women who have undergone surgery face a significant problem: attractive post-operative lingerie is almost non-existent. And the brands found in pharmacies and parapharmacies, which are highly medicalized, orthopedic, and have neither appealing designs nor distinguishable colors, only remind them of their sick status, which does not help women move forward and offer themselves a new image of their bodies.


Adapted bras, for regained femininity

Nowadays, many people are concerned about this unavoidable issue, leading to the creation of numerous lingerie brands aimed at offering these women a second life in a new body, a form of rebirth.

It is important for a woman to be able to choose lingerie that resembles her and, most importantly, that she loves, with which she can clearly identify in order to one day regain all the confidence she had in herself. After all she has gone through and endured, a woman should be able to find herself and freely choose the clothing in which she will feel good and feminine.

Soft, antibacterial, and breathable materials should be chosen for optimal comfort. The primary goal is to set aside any type of lingerie that could cause friction and, consequently, severe irritation. It is also necessary to avoid underwire bras and opt for bras that allow for increasing or decreasing padding. There is no question that surgery should diminish your femininity!


The bra, still as necessary

One of the most important steps a woman can take towards healing is to take utmost care of herself after a mastectomy. It is important to keep in mind that surgery will significantly limit the range of motion of her arms.

However, the chest must be supported. It should not move for weeks to allow for proper healing following the operation and to prevent pain and reduce friction. Otherwise, the breasts will move, preventing the tissues from tightening. The healing process will then take much longer than expected and will be far less aesthetic.

Moreover, wearing a bra will provide optimal comfort and a sense of ease in everyday life: you just need to know how to choose the right model, the right material, and most importantly, lingerie in which the woman will truly feel FEMININE.

We support the fight against breast cancer.

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