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Ultra Comfy

We've designed our WIRELESS braᅠusing a unique and patented process that makes it much softer and more comfortable than traditional bras, whilst still offering the same support for your breasts.

Say goodbye to the pain and discomfort of underwire bras andᅠwelcome the feeling of wearing nothing at all.

Liseah adapts to your body shape, not the other way around.

Ultra Healthy

Underwire bras compress the lymphatic channels. Stagnant lymph then prevents the natural toxins elimination, allowing them to accumulate in your breasts.

Indeed, several independent studies have shown that wearing an underwire bra daily significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

Isn't prevention better than cure? By wearing Liseah, thousands of women have chosen to be cautious.

Ultra Sexy

Liseah is the only wireless bra that is both sexy and comfortable. Our design enhances your natural curves without being over the top, giving you the confidence to face the world.

Whether you're out with your girlfriends or simply relaxing at home, Liseah is your new best friend.


of our women recommend Liseah to their besties.

Free shipping

We offer delivery everywhere in England with no minimum purchase.

24/7 customer service

All of your contacts are women who are fluent in our beautiful language.

Fight Against Breast Cancer

10 % of our profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Now.

By ladies, for ladies.

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